Dhriti Nritya Academy
Bringing out the beautiful symmetry of Indian culture by training dancers in the classical art form of kathak.

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Dhriti Nritya Academy
Kathak is a way to connect with the divine that helps one to attain balance between mind and soul.
Established in 2012 by Smt. Smiti Gupta Negi, Dhriti is an institution of excellence and quality Kathak training. It engages with students in a traditional “Guru-Shishya” parampara fused with present day learning. Dhritians are not merely taught in this beautiful dance form, they are educated in Kathak at a physical and spiritual level that each time when they dance, they touch the spiritual power of human soul and mind.
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About Our Flagship Event

Udyam is the flagship event of DNA that is held biennially in New Delhi. The academy believes that the stage is a powerful force that instills confidence and rewards students learning the art of kathak.

Every performer, a beginner or an expert gets the opportunity to showcase a rendition in front of audience and their loved ones.

All About Udyam
"While seeing the little dhritian’s perform, I felt as if Im sitting at Vrindavan near bank of Yamuna and watching little gopis dance for their Krishna. All the kids were spectacular. Right from their expressions, to their smile and body language everything was extraordinary and all the credit goes to their guru Smt Smiti Negi for grooming their students so beautifully."

Padma Shri Krihna Kanhai
"Smiti in not only my talented student but like a daughter to me. Im so glad that she swam against the tide and left her successful corporate career and came back to the world of dance which itself is so fulfilling."

Vasawati Misra
"I have travelled across the world and I proudly say, Smiti ji is one of the very few who has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to teaching Kathak with lot of pride and passion. I always look forward seeing Dhritian’s dance as they carry lot of energy and pride."

Debashish Adhikari
"The Dhritians danced with absolute perfection,feelings and preciseness and they kept the audience completely engaged. A show with beauty Steller choreography, enrapturing music and creative costumes. We extend our heartiest thanks to Dhriti Nritya Academy, a kathak premier institute, for their rich and engaging dance performances."

GMR Group
Reaching New Heights
Our Young Achievers
The academy's legacy is carried to greater heights by the young aspirants. Their determination and passion for kathak has helped them bring laurels to the DNA family. While awards and medals are tangible things, what we value the most is the perseverance towards the dance form. Competition is balanced with an environment of learning where the aspirants not only learn from the Guru but from each other as well.

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