Udyam 2018 - Shades Of Kathak
The second edition of Udyam was held at CSOI (Civil Service Officers Institute), New Delhi on 20th April 2018.

The theme was Shades of Kathak showcasing the horizontal, vertical and spherical growth in kathak and connection with the world in principles of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.
The Chief Guests of the event were:
● Smt. Vaswati Mishra – Eminent kathak exponent, choreographer and founder of Dhwani.
● Pandit Debashish Adhikary – Acclaimed table maestro.
● DNA awarded the Inspirational youth award to Mr. Akash Yadav, an Animal philanthropist.

The highlight of the show was the beautiful combination of kathak with sports, showcasing kathak with basketball and martial arts in a blend of Western and Arabic music with various Kathak tukras.
Udyam 2018
Udyam 2016 - A Kathak Classical Night
The first edition of Udyam, DNA’s flagship event was held on 22nd April 2016 at CSOI, New Delhi.

The theme of the event was Journey of Kathak that showcased the journey from basics of kathak in teentaal and Jhaptaal moving to integrity clubbed with complexity of chakkars, thumri and tarana.
The Chief Guests for the event were:
● Shri Krishan Kanhai – Padma Shri, Masters in Kanhai Art
● Pandit Debashish Adhikary – Acclaimed table maestro

The Spirit of Dhriti was the pinnacle of show where performers showcased “many in body - one in mind”. In this particular piece, kathak was performed on shadow dance format with fog effects that took the audience to a dreamy world.
Udyam 2016